As an artist living close to the Atlantic ocean, the question of how to capture the wild, bleak beauty of the sea has always been significant.

Where better to start than looking at the work of Limerick born Donald Teskey?

To quote his web-site,” his images reflect  his response to the formal elements of composition; shape, form and fall of light. The result are powerful images of instantly recognisable parts of the Irish landscape with large abstract passages and surfaces which articulate the relentless, energetic and elemental force of nature.”

Image may contain: outdoor and water

The force of waves crushing rock, the sea spray hitting the air, the cold violence of the Atlantic Ocean meeting the Irish coast, richly conveyed to the viewer.

Image may contain: indoor

The drama of rock an sea, elemental forces in constant motion – and all exhibited in the nice, warm  centrally heated gallery space!

So I took leave of the indoors and headed out into the bitter damp cold of a February day in Ireland’s South West and discovered the Atlantic seaboard for myself…..



Exploring remote Cod’s Head on the Beara, in West Cork,

Watching waves struggle against the wind, between hailstorms blown in by Atlantic gales,

Image may contain: ocean, sky, water and outdoor

‘Sea and Rock VIII’, Donald Teskey, acrylic on paper

Beyond the beach acrylic on paper 64 x 76 cm 2015

‘Beyond the Beach’ acrylic on paper, Donald Teskey

Are Waves acrylic on paper 39 x 41 cm 2015

‘Are Waves’, acrylic on paper, Donald Teskey


Face and fingers numb from the breathtaking wind, seastorms whipping up a spray of salty ocean. Even the sea birds are in hiding. The ‘elemental force of nature’ drives me back to the warmth of a friend’s fire and a new respect for the energies conveyed in Teskey’s use of colour, brush and palette knife in his portrayal of this cold violence – the untamed, battered and yet unbeaten Irish coast meeting the Wild Atlantic Ocean.



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