Exploring the ideas of Utopia, Dystopia and Michel Foucault’s Heterotopian spaces, I wanted to discover what happens when Utopia is neglected, when the heterotopian space of an international hotel is locked up and forgotten, when the money dries up and the fire goes out. When Utopian dreams are taken over by a Dystopian reality.

What happens to the shiny brochure pictures when the photographer leaves and the lights are turned off?


When the rain seeps in the cracks in the roof and rodents and teenagers play illicitly in the ruins of yesterdays luxuries…


When the windows are blocked up and the telephone has no number…

The empty disco echoing in the darkness with the remanents of yesterdays parties


Is there beauty in the chaos?

A space where the rules no longer apply

A space with no boundaries opens the door to questioning

The dystopian darkness allowing a freedom of expression banned on the outside.

A space that is now no longer. A heterotopian invisibility.

‘within every dystopia there is a little utopia,’ Margaret Atwood



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